The top 10 things people do in the summer to get and stay healthy; Episode 2

What is in Episode 2?

The other day I shared with you 3 strategies that successful people use in the summer to get and stay healthy. Today’s episode will focus on our next 3 tips in our top 10 list. So without any further delay let’s keep this top 10 list going.

#7 Drink more water and add a special ingredient

It makes sense to drink more water in the summer but did you know that about every third glass or bottle of water should contain electrolytes?

When we sweat, we sweat out more than water and if your electrolytes become imbalanced then our body can stiffen up, get weaker and even confuse the cardio vascular system.

I am not a fan of sugary sports drinks that market themselves as sports nutrition, when it comes to electrolytes, you get what you pay for. I personally use a product from Hammer Nutrition for my electrolyte needs — but simply adding a pinch of sea salt to your bottle is enough to do the trick for most people.

electrolytes in your water kelowna chiropractor Graham Jenkins Lighthouse Chiropractic

Yes it does add a bit of taste to the water but remember it’s only every 3rd or 4th bottle.

One of the classic signs that you’re electrolyte balance is off, especially magnesium, is leg cramps or spasms at night. So follow this tip and it will really help you out.

#6 Fat’s are where it’s at.

Don’t forget to keep the fish oil and MCT (coconut oil) flowing during the summer.

Our culture had demonized fat’s. Grains are the real issue. 4-5 grams of a good quality fish oil and at least a tablespoon of coconut oil each day will keep your brain functioning better and protect you from a host of degenerative conditions.

If you want more on that then start watching my webinars that we have on our Lighthouse webinar page. Whither it’s heart disease, Alzheimer’s or our nutrition webinars, you will hear the real science behind healthy fats and it will radically change your opinion on how much fat, and the types of fats you should be consuming.

#5 Vitamin D is just not for January and February

The healthiest people in our community continue with 4-5 drops of Vitamin D3 each day, all year long.

Yes, you can probably get away with dropping the Vitamin D over the summer but the science is clear, this hormone like Vitamin does so many good things to our body that it’s likely better just to keep on taking it over the summer.

Our skin makes Vitamin D when we are exposed to the sun but with so many people avoiding the sun or sensitive to the sun, as Canadian’s, we’re likely not getting enough sun exposure to replenish what our longer winters and cloudy day’s take away.

vitamin D3 Lighthouse Chiropractic Kelowna Dr. Graham D. Jenkins Kelowna Chiropractor

The science is incredibly bad for people who are Vitamin D deficient, and incredibly encouraging for those of us who are taking daily Vitamin D.

**2019 Research Update

In a study on the link between Vitamin D deficiency with Multiple Sclerosis, researchers found little to no side effects in subjects taking 10,000 IU to 40,000 IU for up to 5 months.

Second installment wrap up

So that’s our second installment of the top 10 things people do in the summer to get and stay healthy.

What to do next?

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