The Benefits of Stretching

Whether you are looking to improve your sports performance, looking to decrease joint pain or simply just want a great stretch, the benefits of a professional assisted stretching routine are tremendous.

Sports Performance
Motion & Flexibility
Reduce Muscle & Joint Pain
Improve Posture
Reduce Stress

What We Offer

One-On-One Stretch Sessions

Your Kinesiologist will greet you and discuss your current flexibility, any injuries that you may have and walk you through your session. If applicable, your kinesiologist will ensure your stretch session aligns with your specific chiropractic posture-based stretches as well.

Group Stretch Sessions

You will have your own bench and a Kinesiologist will guide the group through a series of static (holding), dynamic (stretch with motion) and PNF (push and release) stretches as well as utilizing stretching tools like stretch straps and foam rollers. Each stretch can be customized to either increase or decrease the level of difficulty to make sure we have something for everyone. Group stretch sessions have a maximum of 4 participants to allow for personal attention to each client.