At Lighthouse we have the tools needed to give you the highest standard of care using the latest methods for the conservative treatment of Scoliosis and Hyperkyphosis. If you have been diagnosed with either of these conditions, or suspect you may have one, we are here to help.

We have clinicians that are uniquely qualified to prescribe the Scolibrace, and have also taken advanced training in Chiropractic Biophysics. In addition to these, we are one of only a few clinics in Canada that are able to prescribe scoliosis specific exercises using the SEAS and Scolibalance methods. When used in conjunction, these various treatment methods can significantly improve the quality of our patient’s lives and help reduce the impact of Scoliosis and Hyperkyphosis on the body.

Whether you are in search of answers for your child, or an adult looking for an improvement in the quality of your life, we look forward to hearing from you and doing all that we can as a team to help!