Scoliosis can be a very scary diagnosis and it’s important that if you have scoliosis or suspect you may have scoliosis, you deal with it as soon as possible.

That’s why it’s critical that you or your loved one is assessed by a doctor who has the experience and training to help you manage your spinal condition. Dr. Jenkins, our clinic director, has taken advanced training with Chiropractic BioPhysics® and Scoliocare® to ensure you receive an accurate diagnosis.

If Dr. Jenkins does confirm you have scoliosis, he will coordinate with industry experts in rehabilitation and, if necessary, modern assistive bracing to begin the process of stabilization and often reduction of the scoliosis in your spine.

The “wait and see” approach to scoliosis is never acceptable, especially with today’s understanding of scoliosis care. Dr. Jenkins will ensure you will have a team of well trained doctors and therapists on your side to make sure you can maintain your activity and quite likely, feel better than you have in years.

Dr. Jenkins has prepared a series of videos (coming soon) to help you understand what modern spinal rehabilitation looks like for scoliosis.

Dr. Jenkins has also written some blogs on how CBP doctors work with scoliosis and hyperkyphosis and you can click here for some more information. Spinal correction is not an easy process but with our advanced understanding of spinal biomechanics, structural corrective exercises and new, modern functional bracing we are seeing results like never before.

If you’re curious about how your health and lifestyle can improve with today’s chiropractic or if you’ve “given up” on getting better please reach out to the team at Lighthouse. They can schedule a quick phone call with Dr. Jenkins or a brief consultation with him in-office to see if we can help. If not, he won’t waste your time. But just imagine, if we could help and your pain and disability could be put in the past? It might take some work but we think everyone deserves great health.