Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is a chiropractic technique that focuses on the structural and postural correction of the spine. One of the techniques used by CBP doctors is spinal traction, which is a non-invasive and pain-free method of stretching the spine to relieve pressure and improve posture. Lighthouse is one of only a handful of certified Biophysics offices in Canada.

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is curved to one side, leading to imbalanced pressure on the vertebral discs and joints, as well as decreased range of motion and discomfort. CBP doctors who specialize in scoliosis use in-office spinal traction to help alleviate these symptoms and improve the overall health of the spine.

How In-Office Spinal Traction Works

In-office spinal traction involves the use of a traction device that gently stretches the spine, allowing the vertebral discs to return to their natural position. This helps to relieve pressure on the discs and joints, promoting increased blood flow and improved mobility.

During the procedure, the patient lies on a specially designed table that provides the necessary support for the spine to be stretched. The traction device is then attached to the table, and the patient’s spine, and the doctor adjusts the amount of tension according to the patient’s comfort level.

Benefits of In-Office Spinal Traction for Scoliosis Patients

The entire process typically lasts for about 15-20 minutes and is completely pain-free. The in-office spinal traction procedure can be performed on an ongoing basis, and most patients notice an improvement in their symptoms after just a few sessions.

In-office spinal traction offers several benefits to scoliosis patients, including:

Alleviates Pressure on the Spine: The gentle stretching provided by in-office spinal traction helps to relieve pressure on the vertebral discs and joints, reducing discomfort and promoting improved posture.

Increases Mobility: The increased blood flow and improved posture provided by in-office spinal traction helps to increase mobility and range of motion, allowing for better overall function.

Non-Invasive and Pain-Free: Unlike other treatments for scoliosis, such as surgery, in-office spinal traction is a non-invasive and pain-free option that provides effective results without the need for medications or invasive procedures.

Customizable to Each Patient: Each in-office spinal traction session is tailored to the individual patient, considering their comfort level, symptoms, and overall health.


In-office spinal traction is an effective treatment option for scoliosis patients, offering a non-invasive and pain-free solution to relieve pressure on the spine and improve overall posture and mobility.

If you are a scoliosis patient or concerned that you may have scoliosis, our clinic director, Dr. Jenkins is a certified CBP doctor who specializes in spinal traction and structural corrective chiropractic care. If you’d like to speak to Dr. Jenkins to see if this type of care is right for you then give Lighthouse a call.

When it comes to managing scoliosis and getting your spine and nerve system in order, sooner is always better than later.


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