Top 10 things people do to get and stay healthy in the summer

In Kelowna we are blessed with the unofficial nickname, California North, when it comes to our weather.

And this year is no exception. Now that we are through spring, our summer has been incredible.

There are some drawbacks to having some of the best weather in Canada. It attracts a lot of crowds so our city is bursting during the summer and many locals tend to lose their minds once the weather shifts.

People who are otherwise really dialed in when it comes to their health can start doing some really harmful things to their health and long term success.

stay focused in the summer on your health

So at the request of several of my patients I have decided to put together a top 10 list of what the healthiest people in our community do to stay healthy even when there are distractions all around.

Each blog is going to focus on at least 3 strategies that the most successful people do throughout the summer to ensure that they don’t arrive on Labor Day weekend beat up and exhausted from a free wheeling summer in the Okanagan.

I’m hoping that by reading these blogs you can help yourself and your health care providers ensure you are living a long and healthy life, and that the distractions of the summer don’t derail you.

So here goes, in classic David Letterman format, the top 10 things that successful people do in the summer to get and stay healthy.

#10 Go with the flow

Summer schedules change as quick as the weather. If a friend calls you to head out on the lake or hit the links, then take a minute and reschedule the things that you need to. If it’s a work out, a chiropractic adjustment, basically anything that keeps your health on track, don’t drop it just reschedule it for a different time that same day.

when your summer schedule changes, reschedule don't cancel

The same day is important because if you push it off there is a good chance it will get dropped.

#9 Stay connected to other people who are prioritizing their health

Summer is a great time to join a running group, hook up with a group of cyclists at a local bike shop or get in on an open water swim training group. The accountability to a weekly ride, run or swim goes a long way towards keeping you motivated.

You’ll not only meet some great people, make some new friends, it’s a great opportunity to fit something in during your week that you may not have time to do over the winter.

Here’s some suggestions that I have been involved with and would recommend wholeheartedly.

PACE Sports Fitness runs several excellent trail events each year and the coaching is incredible and super positive.

Rides and Runs with Fresh Air in Kelowna is a great start. By far the most encouraging group of cyclists I’ve seen is xelle cycling in Kelowna but sorry guys, this one is for ladies only.

There is also a weekly free 5k Park Run that is supported by Play Kelowna, the Running Room has running groups and even our local Mountain Equipment Co-op has fitness groups.

women working out together lighthouse

Even if you miss a couple of weeks because of holidays, I can guarantee you will do more than if you didn’t sign up for the group.

#8 Keep your nutrition simple

Summer is not the time to radically change your nutrition. Keep to the basics. Eating lean, clean protein, more vegetables than you think, and try to limit the grains. If ever there was a time to enjoy more vegetables, summer is it. We have an abundance of local produce that is showing up at local markets and stores.

Kelowna Farmers Market Lighthouse Chiropractic Dr. Graham D. Jenkins Kelowna Chiropractor

Be sure to take advantage of our Kelowna Farmer’s Market during the summer.

With the increase in outdoor meals and BBQ season, be diligent in lightly grilling some local produce to keep your veggie intake up. Not only will you feel better about your meal, you’ll be building some great habits for the fall. And everyone knows fresh local produce tastes way better than what we have to put up with in February. Take advantage of it while you can.

So there it is, volume 1 of our top 10 things successful people do in the summer to get and stay healthier. Stay tuned for number 7 through 5 in our next episode.

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon,
Dr. J