Graham Jenkins BSc DC

My first priority when meeting a new client is to listen to your story. An accurate diagnosis comes from really listening to what’s going on with you. It’s your body, it’s your problem, you’ve been living with it for a while so I need to hear what you think is going on.

From that point my focus is to determine what is causing your problem. The tests and exams that I perform are reserved for some of the top human performance clinics in the country. I believe everyone deserves answers. No one should be overlooked just because they don’t live near a huge university or don’t play pro sports.

I want to find your problem, come up with a game plan and then fix your problem. Simple, clear and effective. You don’t have time to waste and I don’t have time to waste, so if that sounds like you click on the box below and I’d love to meet you and see if I can help.

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Dr. Adams DC

I am not the guy in a long white coat telling you what to do. I am the guy in the crazy toe shoes (Vibram Fivefingers), shorts and a T-shirt (sometimes even in the winter), that is ready to listen and help you get back to whatever part of your life you are not able to live right now.

I am only interested in providing care that is both safe and effective. I provide care and give recommendations that are supported by the current scientific research as well as years of clinical practice. If it doesn’t work, I simply don’t do it!

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Dr. Robson DC

My purpose is not just discovering and correcting your health problems, it’s to discover health patterns that run in families. I want to help everyone achieve their best quality of life, so that they can do all the things they love to do.

“A person with their health has a thousand dreams, a person without their health only has one.”

The question is where are you with your health? Is it enough to achieve everything you want to do in the next 20 – 50 years? If the most important aspect of your life is your health, then don’t you want to live your life at your highest potential?

Chiropractic is the answer… With the most advanced spinal and postural regeneration system in the world, it is possible to regenerate your spine through our state-of-the-art systems to offer you life changing results!

In order to reach optimal health, a structurally strong spine and nervous system is ESSENTIAL!

So, if you are looking to reach this life-long goal, then click the button below to book in with me and I’d love to help you achieve that lifestyle.

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Ali Placid

I am a Venezuelan/Canadian and recently moved to beautiful British Columbia in August 2022. I played multiple sports while growing up. Problems with my knees initially prevented me from becoming a professional soccer player, but today in my early 30’s I continue to play soccer at a highly competitive level – Pain free!

I have been a Myofascial stretch therapist for five years. My goal is to bring this unique, powerful manual therapy along with my knowledge and share it with you. Let’s get you back to lifting weights, playing sports, running businesses and all the activities that make your life unique, with less pain and greater freedom of movement!

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Nicole Bonekamp RMT

Nicole recently moved from Alberta with her husband and 2 family dogs. She is excited to join the Lighthouse team and we’re fortunate to have her. She not only worked as an Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), she was also involved in the management of her last clinic.

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Noah Pemberton

Noah graduated with his Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree from The University of British Columbia, and is currently enrolled in a Master of Health and Exercise Science degree, also from UBC. He has a special interest in sports science and neuromuscular physiology, and he loves to help people achieve their goals!

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Kait Carlson BKin MSc

Kait is a kinesiologist with her masters in exercise science. She brings a passion for helping people recover from injury and a keen knowledge of movement. Kait helps our clients with their in office traction, home based exercise prescription and functional movement patterns.

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Jan Jenkins BScN

Jan has been the backbone in many private clinics and healthcare settings combining her nursing knowledge and organizational skills to lead teams to provide excellent customer service.

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