The Lighthouse story began in 2009 with a blank slate and a big dream.

Our founders, Dr. Jenkins (Dr. J) and his wife, Jan had a dream to create a regional wellness centre that focused on human performance, spinal correction and nerve system rehabilitation. Full body wellness.

Big vision, humble beginnings.

Fast forward 15 years and Lighthouse is now the go-to clinic in the Okanagan for performance-based structural and neurological correction. Lighthouse is now the largest Advanced Certified Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) Centers in all of Canada, we are also a Scolibrace provider, and a research arm for UBC on how today’s chiropractic impacts human immune function.

And without giving away the punchline on our research. . . it’s looking really exciting!

All that being said, if you want excellence in your diagnosis, a well-rounded and integrated care plan then Lighthouse is for you. Our care plans can be for individuals or entire families and include corrective chiropractic, kinesiology, exercise and massage therapy.

We not only deal with your pain, but we will see you through to heal your body and likely perform better than before you were injured or felt pain.

Currently, we have a team of 6 chiropractors, 3 kinesiologists, 3 massage therapists, a level 2 certified facial stretch therapist, and a top-notch administrative team that keeps everything running smoothly.

If you and your family are looking for a strategy that can boost your health, and increase your energy and performance then we’d love to meet you and find out if what we do fits the dreams and goals you have for your life.

100+ Living Plan

As a society, we are living longer. But are we living better? The 100+ Living Plan is a practical and attainable plan of attack to do everything we can to ensure our last decade of life is filled with joy, hope and activity and NOT spent in the hospital or a long term care facility.