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Our passionate expert team delivers holistic, forward-thinking health strategies to restore your freedom and help you focus on what matters most—spending quality time with your loved ones and fulfilling your highest goals and purposes in life!

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About Lighthouse Health

We provide you health strategies that restore your freedom and helps you focus on what matters most; loving your family and perusing your purpose.

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or have you been in an auto injury? If so, Lighthouse Chiropractic is here to help!

Dr. Graham Jenkins and Dr. Ken Adams have over 25 years experience in providing quality chiropractic care to their patients. Lighthouse is conveniently located in the Landmark Business Towers (Landmark Building 4) in Kelowna. Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Adams have a modern chiropractic office in a location convenient to downtown Kelowna with plenty of free parking.

Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Adams office is here to serve the residents of Kelowna and West Kelowna. Some of Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Adams patients travel hours to work with him to finally get relief from their pain.

Clinical Excellence

Never stop learning is more than just a catch phrase at Lighthouse. It is an integral part of our culture. If I am going to be in the service of people I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to pursue the highest level of training in the modern field of chiropractic.

That is why I am one of just a handful of Canadian doctors that is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics. I continue to study every year to advance my certification and understanding of proper spinal biomechanics and neurology.

At present, there are over 195 peer reviewed scientific studies supporting the Chiropractic Biophysics Spinal Analysis and Treatment protocols. Which is far more research than many commonly accepted health care strategies used in our Canadian Health Care System everyday by physicians of all types.

I believe the key to success in helping people get and stay well is to start with an accurate diagnosis and plan of attack.

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100+ Living Plan

Dr. Jenkins with over a twenty year experience as a chiropractor in Kelowna uses webinar technology to share his knowledge on how you and your family can transform your health.

Work With Us

We don’t have all the answers, but as a chiropractor and as a health mentor I may have my head slightly above the “tree line”. I have been able to help many people navigate their personal “forest”.


Do you want to live your longest and best life? Possibly even to 100 years and beyond? Lighthouse Chiropractic offers free webinars giving advice to integrate health and wellness into your daily routine.

Chiropractic Care
Simple and Effective Family Health Solutions.

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Back Pain

Lighthouse Chiropractic has successfully treated hundreds of Kelowna and West Kelowna residents suffering from chronic pain.

Neck Pain

Our Kelowna Neck Injury Doctor can help relieve chronic neck pain with natural, safe and drug-free injury treatments.


Come get an alignment today and experience the benefits of being properly adjusted


Slouching can lead to serious long term ramifications. Come see us to fix your posture, and your future.


Sleep is so un emphasized. The way you sleep can seriously alter your posture, and long term health

100+ Living Plan

Lighthouse Chiropractic offers free webinars giving you knowledge and advice to integrate health and wellness into you daily routine.

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