Our Team Approach to ICBC Claims

Under ICBC Basic insurance, Accident Benefits are available to anybody in B.C. who is injured in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), no matter who is responsible. Treatments can include chiropractic care, registered massage therapy and kinesiology.

Accidents can leave people with injuries like whiplash, headaches, neck pain, back pain and concussion. Our team has helped people recover from these conditions as well as injuries to their peripheries (arms and legs) and those with chronic or recurrent pain.

Our Team at Lighthouse Takes Car Accident Injuries Seriously

We know that the faster we get you feeling and moving better, the greater chance you have of returning to your life fully recovered. By working together, our doctors, registered massage therapists and kinesiologists formulate a plan to get you back to work, school and daily activities. Our team approach ensures excellent communication between practitioners about your recovery. Patients thrive and get excellent results when they see our team.

As well as helping you recover quickly, we’ll provide ICBC with on time, detailed reports during your recovery. We’re on your side to get you back to your life as soon as possible without you worrying about your coverage being cut off before you are better. Clear and consistent communication with ICBC is the key.

Steps to Successful Recovery After an Auto Accident

  1. Report your claim to ICBC and obtain a claim number
  2. Book an initial assessment with a chiropractor at Lighthouse.
  3. Receive a complete, detailed examination to document your injuries.
  4. Receive a report of findings and plan of management for your complete recovery.
  5. Strengthen your body so you will successfully return to work, school and daily activities.
  6. Put strategies in your life to keep you healthy and strong moving forward.
  7. End your ICBC claim with a “complete pre-accident status” report.
  8. Get on with your life injury free.

Contact ICBC to Start Your Claim

Start the process with ICBC to obtain a claim number. This is all you need to receive your coverage.

Get an Effective Treatment Plan

We work with your specific needs ensure the best treatment plan that gets you back to normal.

Who Qualifies For ICBC Coverage?

  • All British Columbia licensed drivers (Insured by ICBC)
  • Those who have an active ICBC claim number and were in an accident less than 12 weeks ago. If your accident date was prior to 3 months, we have had success working with ICBC to ensure you still have access to care.
  • No medical referral is necessary for chiropractic, registered massage therapy and kinesiology, all of which are offered at Lighthouse Health. You can call us at (250) 870-9136, email us or book your hassle-free appointment online.

How Much Does ICBC Cover?

Initial assessment including any necessary x-rays100% covered
Chiropractic adjustments$59 of $65, so patient pays $6
Initial assessment100% covered
1 hour massage$94.50, patient pays $30.50
Initial assessment100% covered
30 minute kin session100% covered at $92.50