<a href="https://lighthousehealth.ca/strokes/"> My Mother&#8217;s Stroke </a>

Our webinar this month is all about traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Jenkins just returned from a multi-day seminar and we are super excited to pass the learning on to all of you. TBIs refer to a variety of conditions such

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Fitness Does Not Equal Health!

I run the risk of being misunderstood right away with this post, but I’ll do my best to qualify my statement. Physical fitness is an ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT for human health, but fitness and health are not the same thing. Fitness

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<a href="https://lighthousehealth.ca/book-book-review-mind/"> This is a book you will want to own; A Mind of Your Own </a>

Dr. J’s Book Review of A Mind of Your Own by Dr. Kelly Brogan MD I still remember the first patient that told me that their depression was improving since they started chiropractic care. Her name was Gloria and she

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<a href="https://lighthousehealth.ca/secret-olympic-athletes-boosts-athletic-performance-810/"> Boost athletic performance by 8-10% </a>

Google “boost athletic performance” and you will get close to 2 million hits. And the great thing, according to all those Google headlines is that all your options are really simple and super easy:) For those of us that make

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<a href="https://lighthousehealth.ca/barefoot/"> Go Barefoot! </a>

“Shoes do no more for the foot than a hat does for the brain.” Dr. Mercer Rang (renowned orthopedic surgeon and researcher in pediatric development). [ctt tweet=”Shoes do no more for the foot than a hat does for the brain.

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