As we round out another year I often have conversations with people in the office that centre around how they are going to do things differently next year.

They talk about priorities, over commitment and generally doing what it takes to not feel so run down and overwhelmed.

I get it. I totally understand. This year I really feel the strain of pushing hard for many months and I’m having some of the same thoughts.

So how do we get things on track for a better experience next year?

Over the next 3 posts I am going to share with you the 3 secrets that will help us not repeat some of the mistakes we made last year and capitalize on the good things we did do so we can do more of the good things next year.

Secret #1; Really get clear on what you absolutely need in your week to en-joy life.

Many of you know that I herald from a Christian world view so the bible is my handbook for life. The ancient prophet Nehemiah wrote “the joy of the Lord is my strength”.

How is it that an emotion can generate strength?

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Shouldn’t it say, a run around the block or a good intense work out is my strength?

Or how about a good wholesome home cooked meal is my strength?

No, it clearly say’s that joy generates strength. . .

Antonio R. Damasio, chair of the University of Iowa’s neurology department has found some interesting connections between emotions and our physical health. In fact he believes our internal, emotional regulatory processes preserves our very life. That’s a bold statement.

[ctt tweet=”Our internal, emotional regulatory processes preserves our very life. That’s a bold statement. – Antonio R. Damasio” coverup=”b47dg”]

He and his wife have studied thousands of brain injuries and have come to some very compelling conclusions about how emotions have a HUGE role in regulating your bodies.[ref][/ref]

With this kind of research, it’s not to hard to connect joy and strength. When we’re joyful we are rejuvenated physically — this is the ultimate reality of mind over matter and brain over body.

Joy has been linked to more creative thinking, better immune system function and decreases in blood pressure.

Getting more joy in your week should be #1.

So if you need an hour to yourself to keep your joy, then schedule it. If it’s a run or a swim a few times a week, then put it in your weekly schedule and do it. If it’s time with your loved one’s then make it the chief aim of this upcoming year.

Joy equals strength and in today’s ever increasing, stressful world, you need all the strength you can muster.

Pushing harder at the gym may not be the joy factor for you.

Yes you need your exercise, BUT you may not be getting your strength from your workouts. . . it may keep you fit but it may not bring you joy. Find out what brings you authentic joy and make that #1.

And if it isn’t scheduled then good luck, it likely won’t happen.

[ctt tweet=”And if it isn’t scheduled then good luck, it likely won’t happen. – Dr. Jenkins” coverup=”e7Xs_”]

You need to treat your joy activities with as much importance as a doctor’s appointment or a financial planning meeting with your advisor.

These are things you would not likely miss. Don’t miss your joy activities. They bring you strength and life. . .

I dare you to try it, I can guarantee it will totally transform your year.

Everybody needs a wise mentor.

I really believe that your best health and lifestyle mentor is a great chiropractor. Today’s chiropractic is all about a balanced, practical approach to life.

If you are having trouble finding a chiropractor in your area that specializes in what we talk about in our blog then connect with us.

Leave a comment below or contact us at our office (250-870-9136) and we’ll try our best to connect you with a chiropractor in your area that does corrective work and freely offers the “added value” advice and insight that we all need if we are going to life a long and healthy life.

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