Over the next few weeks you’ll see some quotes from a great book called “Ready to Run” by Dr. Kelly Starrett. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to avoid the chronic injury treadmill that comes with distance training. You can click on the link below to see it in Amazon.ca.

Here’s the quote that I want to share today. . . .

“We all may be born to run, but something goes awry along the way. Things go pretty well until we have to buckle ourselves into desks in first grade. You see, your tissues and joints mold into the positions in which you spend most of your time. If you spend a significant position of each day bound to a chair or in your shoes that elevate your heels, your body becomes warped and restricted by those patterns. Add to that a good chunk of time spent with your head hunched over your phones as you type texts, and the result can be crippling. These new shapes and tendencies of your tissues and joints are no longer conductive to running. You must now be reborn to run.” (Ready to Run by Dr. Kelly Starrett pg. 50)

Today’s Corrective Chiropractic Solves This Problem

This is where today’s corrective chiropractic comes in. Reversing the postural patterns that happen everyday so you can live a long, active, satisfying life.

I’ve seen incredible imbalance in the athlete’s I work with and the common attitude is to train through the pain and if I can just power though this workout I will get stronger. And these are top level athletes.

You may get away with that for a while but eventually you will hit a wall where the damage is too much for your body and brain to ignore. And your body will get your attention.

That goes for the mother of 3 who is just trying to fit in her workouts OR the rising star who just was drafted in the WHL.

We’re in the business of bringing you back to a state of correction so you can train hard, enjoy your workouts and still have your joints and nerve system functioning into 100+Living. I don’t want to be the only one in the 95+ category in the Apple Triathlon:)


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