For the last 12 years, has shared the “top definition search” of the year.

In 2004 the (word of the year) WOY was blog, in 2008 it was bailout. . . .no surprise there.

Each year the WOY reflects the global cultural curiosity, at least according to merriam-webster; in 2013 it was science.

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With the prevalence of stress, one would think that at least once since 2003, the WOY would have been stress. But the truth is, no one needs to look up the definition of stress. I don’t think the WOY will ever be “stress”, because we all know very well what stress is.

We know when we’re stressed by the way we talk to our loved ones, by the foods we choose to eat, by the way we loose sleep. . . .and when we feel like we’ve been through a MMA fight when we wake up in the morning.

It’s come’s with the 2nd, 3rd and sometimes 4th cup of coffee, it comes with mental fatigue and body breakdown.

We know stress.

We don’t need merriam-webster to define stress for us, because we’re living it.

Stress shapes our response on a subconscious level.

Did you know that all that “external” stress begins reshaping our internal reality? It reprograms our neurology.

And when I say all, I mean all.

Our brain doesn’t know the difference between emotional stress, physical stress or spiritual stress. Our brain only has one response to stress — stay and fight or run and hide.

You may have heard about the fight or flight response. That’s how our neurology responds to stress.

Stress is a normal and health reaction.

This may be a new though for you but stress is normal, necessary and actually healthy.

When we experience stress, like when a co-worker or loved one raises their voice at us. It signals high alert. Our blood pressure and heart rate elevates, our muscles tighten, our digestive system shuts down because we are subconsciously deciding if we are going to stay and fight this battle or run and hide.

This “response” is extremely helpful if the stress comes from an on-coming car who’s driver is texting as we are in the cross walk, or if we see a bear on our trail run. It can save our life.

But if that stress is chronic (for months or years), like a grumpy co-worker or angry spouse our nerve system is programmed to stay in a chronic fight or flight reaction.

That’s when disease sets in.

And if we don’t do something about it we will suffer some very tragic consequences.

But when we approach stress with neurological solutions we can see incredible results.

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Beating stress from the inside requires a basic understanding of how our body works.

Cortisol and a few other hormones wreak havoc in the body because of stress. If we can limit the production of these stress hormones we are well on our way to internal peace and happiness.

Long term stress has also been linked to shrinking hypothalamus cells, the same cells that are targeted in Alzheimers Disease.

So now that I’ve likely told you what you already know about stress, consider this. Consistent movement sends signals to the brain that results in calming the stress pathways. Again, not likely new information — that regular exercise helps reduce stress. But did you know that 90% of the brain calming signals come from the 70+ joints of the spine.

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And when you suffer with spinal stiffness, something your chiropractor calls subluxation, your greatest asset to beating stress from the inside is cut off? And I just don’t mean a little bit, 90% of your ability to beat stress is taken out.

Spinal mobility is the missing link to beating stress

Full spinal mobility is the most impactful “brain stimulus” for interrupting the damage from the stress cycle.

Not by targeting cortisol and other stress hormones, but by stimulating an internal peace response. Stimulating peace directly blocks the stress pathways.

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The greatest benefit from today’s chiropractic is restoring your neurology to “normal” so your body can function and heal the way it was designed.

That way your exercise is more effective, your nutrition is maximized and your brain is at peace; making a positive and uplifting attitude sustainable and authentic.

Creating Margin

It creates the margin we all need in today’s stress filled society. It’s how you can enter into situations that are not always in your control and not have the damaging consequences on your health and well being.

This is powerful stuff and it is exactly why today’s chiropractic is way more than just back pain and headache relief.

It truly is total body wellness from the inside out.

If you don’t have a rock solid chiropractic strategy in your health arsenal then you are running a huge risk in long term health. We can’t afford to let stress continue to destroy us from the inside, especially when the average Canadian is working so hard to beat stress.

So do yourself a favour and find a chiropractor that understands the stress response and let them begin to reprogram your neurology for health and longevity.