You won’t want to miss this webinar on correcting scoliosis

This month Dr. Ken and I are going to tackle the myth that scoliosis can not be corrected.
We are going to dedicate an entire webinar, several blog posts and a few extra You Tube video’s to how modern day neurological and structural chiropractors are changing this diagnosis from one of fear and hopelessness to something our clients don’t have to worry about.
For the webinar link and registration CLICK HERE.

What it takes to correct scoliosis

Yes, it takes focus and it takes effort but what worthwhile goal in life doesn’t take effort and focus?

A pervasive myth that keeps people confused

I have fought this myth the majority of my career, and as June is Scoliosis Awareness Month, we thought that this would be a good time to lay it all on the table so people know the truth.
And not only will they know the truth, they will be able to take action on the new information that they will have.
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People can only take action on the information they have. In this webinar we are going to give you an incredible amount of new information!

What we’re going to reveal in our webinar

We are going to show you how to identify the warning signs of scoliosis so you can test your children and loved ones. We are going to show you x-rays of people we have been able to help and more importantly we are going to show you exactly how we do what we do when we correct scoliosis.
According to the same experts (who say scoliosis can’t be fixed), scoliosis occurs in 2-3% of the population.
I don’t know where they are getting their stat’s from, but scoliosis is way more common than that.

What’s more likely

I estimate that likely 20-30% of the adult population has some degree of scoliosis right now in Canada, BUT many have no pain associated with their scoliosis currently.
I say “currently” because it will just be a matter of time before they experience pain.

What’s the real issue with Scoliosis?

The real problem is the nerve interference that happens even when you don’t have pain. Some reports say that scoliosis can have such an impact on the body that it will shorten life expectancy between 14-17 years if it’s left untreated. And when I say treated, I don’t mean rods in your back!

Pain is a bad indicator of your problem

So much for pain being a good indicator of how healthy you are!
And you will see from our webinar, if we can catch scoliosis early, the less time and effort it takes to correct it.
In addition to the test’s for scoliosis that you can perform on your loved ones, we will show you the exercises and strategies we use every day to help people correct their scoliosis and return their spine and nerve system to normal.
Talk about transforming someone’s life!

Send the link to everyone you know

If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with scoliosis then please send them the registration link for our next 100+Living Webinar on Correcting Scoliosis HERE.
Even if you know someone who has had rod’s put in their spine because of scoliosis surgery.
Unfortunately we have patients who have been through that and we are helping them with their pain and other problems because of the surgery. They can still learn a lot to help them in this webinar.
We want to teach people what’s possible in today’s advanced world of spinal correction because not only will it help them today, it will radically transform their future.
This is one condition that when you deal with it properly it can help you live the 100+Living Plan.
We can’t wait to share out experience and knowledge with you and your loved ones.
For the webinar link and registration, CLICK HERE.