Did you know there are over 1000 scientific studies that connect poor posture with increased mortality.

Increased mortality means dying early.

Swedish neurosurgeon tell’s us what mom already knew.

Alf Breig was a Swedish neurosurgeon who discovered that it was bad if you slouch.

Turn’s out all he needed to do was talk to my mom and it would have saved him a lot of time researching.

Unfortunately, he didn’t, so he spent almost 30 years discovering that if your posture was curled forward your spinal cord would stretch.

And because the spinal cord is like an elastic, when you stretch an elastic, the diameter shrinks.

That interferes with the signals moving along the spinal cord and given enough time, the organs on the ends of those nerves will suffer.

Dr. Brieg showed us that when your posture is off, you are increasing your rate of degeneration and walking into an early death.

What Pub Med says about posture

PubMed.gov is the digital library for millions of scientific articles. My last search on “Posture and Mortality” showed 1052 articles connecting postural problems with dying early.

From research demonstrating neurological complications (like Dr. Breig discovered) to the mechanical compression on lungs and hearts when the an older person is bent forward.

There are research articles on many common illnesses our children face as well. Poor posture is not just related to the elderly any more.

Basically it’s a gigantic summary of what happens when the spine and your posture interferes with the nerves that control your body.

But there’s even more. . . .

An incredible article from 2013 showed that poor posture in the neck interfered with the stress centres of the brain.

When your posture is off, your brain pumps out stress hormones.

And when your posture is corrected (with a specific chiropractic correction, called an adjustment) the stress hormones decrease.

Incredible. Your posture effects brain function.

The secret is in the nerve system.

In 1981 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was given to Dr. Roger Sperry. He was a world renowned brain researcher that discovered that over 90% of the stimulation to the brain comes from spinal movement.

He went on to discuss in a series of research articles that these spinal signals act like “brain nutrition” that activates the brain and keeps it healthy.

So it goes without saying that a stiff spine is trouble.


Because it’s all about the nerve system.

When we connect the research from all these doctors, and the current findings about how poor posture will shorten your life the important question becomes . . . . What can we do about it?

Keep the spine moving for life.

There is no time in our lives where we can not afford to have a spine and nerve system at 100%. From early development on into our elderly years, our spine and nerve system is the engine that keeps our bodies and brains running.

Unfortunately we generally don’t think too much about posture and nerve system issues unless we are in pain.

Today’s structural and postural based chiropractor focuses on returning your posture to it’s best position so you are healing and functioning your best every day, all day.

Just checking in with chiropractic when you are hurting is like having a brand new smart phone and only using the calculator — there is so much more.

When you correct your posture and deal with the interference to the nerve system your body heals from the inside out. . . . . and you look a lot better in the mirror:)

A long and healthy life

Through following through with specific posture based exercises, chiropractic adjustments and other lifestyle areas like fitness and nutrition you have your best shot at living a longer and healthier life.

The science is clear, your nerve system controls and co-ordinates every other system in your body and in order for all systems to function at 100%, your master system, the nerve system needs to be clear to do its job.

If you are having trouble finding a chiropractor in your area that specializes in postural correction then connect with us. Leave a comment below or contact us at our office (250-870-9136) and we’ll try our best to connect you with a chiropractor in your area that does corrective work.


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