Have you ever seen the exact same thing create good and bad?

I think the biggest culprit in recent years has been the internet and the devices we access the internet on (computers, tablets and smart phones).

From mis-information, false research, horrible bigotry and hatred.

As well as incredible resources, connection with distant family and loved ones, not to mention the incredible wealth of knowledge.

These are two extreme ends of the spectrum.

One good, one bad.

Computers and Technology are destroying posture.

Computers have been given a bad rep. And for good reason — too much sitting.

I’ve decided to use computers and the internet (one of the biggest destroyers of posture) to change people’s posture for good.

And I am totally excited about posture restoration.

We’re going to use the #1 reason for sitting (computers) to actually help improve posture.

For the last 2 years I have been working diligently on a comprehensive home based strategy for postural correction.

Proper posture is a HUGE indicator of long term health and not everyone has access to a chiropractor who is really good at postural and structural correction.

For my clients it’s a daily occurrence, we get them adjusted, go over their results, review their exercises. It’s just the way we do it.

But it’s not easy. It takes extra time and a lot of patience — these exercises need to be done right because we’re dealing with such important structures, the spine and nerve system.

One of my greatest frustrations and why people have back and neck pain.

There is also a side to this where I was finally fed up.

I was tired of sitting down with another person who had been to lots of other doctors but never given anything specific for them to do at home. It’s like our entire heath care system has a bad case of co-dependancy.

[ctt tweet=”It’s like our entire heath care system has a bad case of co-dependancy.” coverup=”e455P”]

I know it’s not easy but if we don’t change, then how will people ever take personal responsibility for their own health?

So for the last 3 months I been putting everything we do in our office into a video course.

So we’re going global to get rid of poor posture.

We just launched our RePosition Yourself; Posture for Life 8 week posture restoration course.

Over the next 10 days we’ll be sharing some of the strategies we start with in a series of 3 FREE video’s. In fact, I couldn’t resist and I even created a fourth bonus video too.

[ctt tweet=”Over the next 10 days we’ll be sharing some of the strategies we start with in a series of 3 FREE video’s” coverup=”mcAe7″]

Then for people who want to go to the next level they will be given the opportunity to join our course.

There is one catch though, I can only take so many people at once. My priority is still my full time practice but I also want to ensure I can give the care and attention to the people in the course. With the limited numbers we’ll have a waiting list.

Depending how much time it takes I’ll know when I’m opening the course again.

So if you know someone who wants to restore their posture, beat their back and neck pain then forward this post off to them and they can sign up for our free video series and see if the course is for them.

I can hardly wait to hear the stories and get started working with people from all over:)

This is where technology can really be used to change lives.

For immediate access to the FREE videos, click HERE.


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