Two years ago I was at at a seminar in Toronto and the keynote speaker was a doctor by the name of Dr. Dan Murphy. He was brilliant.

His speciality is neurology.

During his talk he presented a research study on chronic pain.

The study was comparing people under medical care, they were given medication; a second group was undergoing needle acupuncture and the third group was under the care of a chiropractor and recieved chiropractic adjustments.

The results showed that the highest recovery in the chiropractic group (27.3%), secondly the actupuncture group (9.4%) and finally the medication group (5%). [ref]L.G.F Giles, R. Muller, Chronic Spinal Pain, A Randomized Clinical Trial Compairing Medication, Acupuncture, and Spinal Manipulation. Spine July 15, 2003; 28(14):1490-1502.[/ref]

This was the situation with Alyssia (we’ve changed the name to protect our clients privacy). Alyssia came in 6 months ago.

She was completely defeated.

She’d been to doctors, therapists, counsellors and was still suffering.

Reading over her history was disturbing. Abuse, trauma, failed relationships, depression and pain.

Depression is common with chronic pain syndromes because if you suffer that long your hope disappears.

On top of that, no help from all the professionals she saw.

By the time she got to me her hope was all but gone.

[ctt tweet=”By the time she got to me her hope was all but gone.” coverup=”4rU5U”]

Somehow she mustered up the courage to see “another doctor” and since then, hasn’t looked back.

Here’s a quote from a recent progress exam questionaire Alyssia filled out for us. “I have noticed phenomenal improvement in body alignment during my exercises at the gym as well as overall reduced pain. Others that I work out with have also commented on how great my posture has improved. I initially saw Dr.  J with complaints of neck, shoulder and back pain. Three months later it has resolved. My mood and clarity has also improved drastically leaving me feeling happier and healthier after every adjustment.”

[ctt tweet=”My mood and clarity has also improved drastically leaving me feeling happier and healthier after every adjustment.” coverup=”W6dPc”]

Even though this testimony came from my office, any chiropractor worth their salt who is learning corrective chiropractic strategies should be able to accomplish results like this.

I’ll finish up with one more result from Dr. Murphy’s research summary. It’s a table taken from the research article. . . . .


Medication (Celebrex or Vioxx)

Needle Acupuncture

Chiropractic Adjustments

Years of Chronic Pain

4.5 or 6.4

4.5 or 6.4


Percent asymptomatic within 9 weeks




Percent that suffered an adverse event




Percent improvement in general health status




The summary table shows that the chiropractic group had suffered the longest BUT had the most dramatic restoration.

That’s exactly what happened to Alyssia.

By focusing on restoring the nerve system function, we are truly going after the cause of the problems.

That’s what todays chiropractic does.

Our culture focuses on symptomatic health care, but true, authentic, healing comes from the inside and is powered by your nerve system. It takes time but it’s worth it.

Todays chiropractic focuses on restoring your bodys ability to heal.

My goal is to provide simple, effective, time tested health solutions for overwhelmed but motivated families so they never have to endure what Alyssia suffered with.

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If you know someone who is losing hope and has suffered with chronic pain, then track down a corrective chiropractor in your area. It may be the solution they are looking for.

And by all means, send them this post and give them some hope!

If you need me to search my referal network for your region, then leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to find a good doctor in your area.


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