What’s the big deal about water?

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good health and overall well-being. Water is the most important nutrient for our body, and it is essential for the proper functioning of all our bodily systems. In this blog post, we will discuss the many benefits of staying hydrated and why it is essential to drink enough water.

Increases Energy and Relieves Fatigue

One of the most important benefits of staying hydrated is that it increases energy and relieves fatigue. Water is required for all our bodily functions, and when we are dehydrated, our body has to work harder to perform these functions. This can lead to fatigue and tiredness. By staying hydrated, we can increase our energy levels and feel more alert and focused throughout the day.

Promotes Weight Loss

Drinking water can also help promote weight loss. When we drink water, it helps to fill our stomachs, making us feel fuller and less likely to overeat. Additionally, drinking water can increase our metabolism, which can help us burn more calories throughout the day.

Improves Brain Function

Water is essential for proper brain function. When we are dehydrated, our brain functions are impaired, leading to poor concentration, headaches, and fatigue. Drinking enough water can help improve our cognitive function, enhance our mood, and improve our memory.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Staying hydrated is especially important for athletes and those who engage in physical activity. Water is required for regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, and transporting nutrients throughout the body. Dehydration can lead to decreased athletic performance, increased fatigue, and muscle cramps. By staying hydrated, athletes can improve their endurance and perform at their best.

Helps Prevent Headaches

Many headaches are caused by dehydration. By staying hydrated, we can help prevent and treat headaches. Drinking water can help alleviate headaches caused by dehydration and can also help reduce the intensity and duration of migraines.

Improves Skin Health

Water is essential for maintaining healthy skin. It helps to keep our skin hydrated, which can prevent dryness and wrinkles. Drinking enough water can also help to flush toxins out of the body, which can help reduce the risk of skin breakouts and acne.


According to the Mayo Clinic the average adult requires 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men and 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. These recommendations cover fluids from water, other beverages and food. About 20% of daily fluid intake usually comes from food and the rest from drinks.

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. Drinking enough water can provide many benefits, including increased energy, weight loss, improved brain function, enhanced athletic performance, headache prevention and treatment, and improved skin health. Make sure to drink enough water each day to reap the many benefits of staying hydrated.

How CBP Chiropractic approaches Migraines differently

Migraine headaches are a common neurological condition that affects millions of people worldwide. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines are the third most prevalent illness in the world. Allopathic medicine provides various medications to manage migraines, such as analgesics, triptans, and antiemetics. While these medications can be effective, they don’t always address the root cause of the problem. This is where a CBP chiropractor differs from an allopathic physician.

CBP, or Chiropractic BioPhysics, is a highly specialized branch of chiropractic care that focuses on restoring the normal alignment and function of the spine. Unlike traditional chiropractic, CBP chiropractors use a unique, scientific approach to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of a patient’s condition, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Did you know your posture is related to migraine headaches?

When it comes to migraine headaches, CBP chiropractors approach the condition differently than allopathic physicians. While medication can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of migraines, it doesn’t address the underlying issue. CBP chiropractors aim to identify the root cause of migraines and address it using a holistic approach.

One of the primary causes of migraines is poor posture. Poor posture can cause tension and stress in the neck and shoulder muscles, which can lead to migraines. CBP chiropractors use advanced diagnostic tools to assess  posture and identify any misalignments in the spine.

Typical postural problems that will aggravate conditions like migraine headaches.
Exercise, Adjustments and Traction is the CBP trifecta

Once misalignments are identified, CBP chiropractors use a combination of spinal adjustments, exercises, and traction to correct the underlying issue. This approach is much different from allopathic medicine, which primarily relies on medications to manage symptoms.

CBP doctors will tackle the lifestyle factors as well

In addition to correcting misalignments, CBP chiropractors also provide patients with advice on lifestyle changes that can help reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines. This includes dietary changes, stress management, and exercise.


Overall, a CBP chiropractor approaches migraines differently than an allopathic physician. While medication can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of migraines, it doesn’t address the underlying issue. CBP chiropractors use a holistic approach to identify and correct the root cause of migraines, resulting in long-term relief and improved overall health. If you suffer from migraines, consider having a conversation with Dr. Jenkins, our clinic director and one only a handful of certified CBP chiropractors in Canada.

You may be encouraged to know that there is more that can be done to help you live a life with far fewer migraines or even migraine free.

3D Spinal Traction in a CBP Office

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is a chiropractic technique that focuses on the structural and postural correction of the spine. One of the techniques used by CBP doctors is spinal traction, which is a non-invasive and pain-free method of stretching the spine to relieve pressure and improve posture. Lighthouse is one of only a handful of certified Biophysics offices in Canada.

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is curved to one side, leading to imbalanced pressure on the vertebral discs and joints, as well as decreased range of motion and discomfort. CBP doctors who specialize in scoliosis use in-office spinal traction to help alleviate these symptoms and improve the overall health of the spine.

How In-Office Spinal Traction Works

In-office spinal traction involves the use of a traction device that gently stretches the spine, allowing the vertebral discs to return to their natural position. This helps to relieve pressure on the discs and joints, promoting increased blood flow and improved mobility.

During the procedure, the patient lies on a specially designed table that provides the necessary support for the spine to be stretched. The traction device is then attached to the table and the patient’s spine, and the doctor adjusts the amount of tension according to the patient’s comfort level.

Benefits of In-Office Spinal Traction for Scoliosis Patients

The entire process typically lasts for about 15-20 minutes and is completely pain-free. The in-office spinal traction procedure can be performed on an ongoing basis, and most patients notice an improvement in their symptoms after just a few sessions.

In-office spinal traction offers several benefits to scoliosis patients, including:

Alleviates Pressure on the Spine: The gentle stretching provided by in-office spinal traction helps to relieve pressure on the vertebral discs and joints, reducing discomfort and promoting improved posture.

Increases Mobility: The increased blood flow and improved posture provided by in-office spinal traction helps to increase mobility and range of motion, allowing for better overall function.

Non-Invasive and Pain-Free: Unlike other treatments for scoliosis, such as surgery, in-office spinal traction is a non-invasive and pain-free option that provides effective results without the need for medications or invasive procedures.

Customizable to Each Patient: Each in-office spinal traction session is tailored to the individual patient, considering their comfort level, symptoms, and overall health.


In-office spinal traction is an effective treatment option for scoliosis patients, offering a non-invasive and pain-free solution to relieve pressure on the spine and improve overall posture and mobility.

If you are a scoliosis patient or concerned that you may have scoliosis, our clinic director, Dr. Jenkins is a certified CBP doctor who specializes in spinal traction and structural corrective chiropractic care. If you’d like to speak to Dr. Jenkins to see if this type of care is right for you then give Lighthouse a call.

When it comes to managing scoliosis and getting your spine and nerve system in order, sooner is always better than later.

Building health and happiness in times of unprecedented stress.
Fear and anxiety drains our natural defences; 3 things we can do about it.

As early as 1999, scientists were measuring the negative impact that anxiety has on human health (1). I’m sure that is no surprise to you.

I think all of us have had times where we felt the weight of the world on our shoulders emotionally — and not long after came down with the sniffles.

During this time of “post covid” extreme stress it becomes critical to keep our emotions and anxiety in check (2). Not only for the “mental health and well-being” of those around us but for ourselves as well.

Step 1; Change the channel.

Limit how much news you are exposing yourself to. I understand it’s important to keep “up to date” but checking for updates a couple times a day rather than once an hour will really help you keep your anxiety in check.

I’d also encourage you to just check reputable news sources and stay off social media. Social media not helping the accuracy of information that is available so do yourself a favor and just stay off social. If ever there was a time to take a break from social media, now is it.

On a personal note, I’ve started to listen to some positive podcasts that have nothing to do with science or health, even though that is my “world”. Putting more positivity into my brain is really helping me stay stable for those around me and sane (for me).

Step 2; Do everything you can to maintain your natural defence system.

This is something that is completely under your control. I’d suggest, in times of stress, rather than doubling up on how much toilet paper you buy, double up on anything you can put in your body that maintains your bodies natural defences.

In addition to our regular routine of “health building” supplements, my family and I have added even more to ensure our body is fighting back with everything it’s got. Here’s a short list of what I take personally.

In the morning; a glutathione precursor, fish oil, multi vitamin/mineral, green drink and vitamin D and then in the evening; 5HTP, magnesium citrate and curcumin. Every second or third night I add a probiotic just to keep my gut health in check.

Yes there is always more that you can add but I want to remind everyone that supplements are supplements and not meal replacements – get most of your nutrition from healthy, whole foods first and then add your supplements based on your health history and genetics. Clean protein sources is becoming far more important than in years past — the number of chemicals in our protein is getting completely out of control!

If you’re really keen on maintaining your natural defences then I’d also crank up the veggie intake and decrease the sugar. Which is never a bad idea.

Step 3; Keep on keeping on.

In our social isolation it’s tough to keep up our regular routine but as much as possible keep doing as much as you can in a responsible way.

I’m fortunate, as an essential service, I’m always able to continue to serve people who are in critical need of chiropractic care. You wouldn’t believe the number of people in crisis that have expressed thanks for us taking the necessary steps to continue to serve.

If your world has been “forever changed” through working from home here are some suggestions, not all of these will work for your situation but even if one or two fit your new lifestyle then it may be enough to keep you connected with people you enjoy and love.

1. Schedule virtual meetings or calls with colleagues to stay in touch and connected.

2. Join online communities or forums related to your work.

3. Make time for online socializing with friends and family.

4. Set up a standing coffee date with a friend or colleague to stay connected and socialize.

5. Take part in virtual events or classes related to your work.

6. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day and take the time to talk to family, friends, or colleagues.

7. Check in with your team in person, if possible, and make sure you have a social plan for lunch or afterwork activities.

8. Try to take part in physical activities such as walking, running, or cycling, so you can stay physically active as well as socially connected.

What I missed the most.

Where I missed the biggest part of my routine was my workouts. With my gym closed it wasn’t easy to get a workout in.

I did find some incredible resources online from short body weight workouts (no weights needed) to Pilates classes and everything else you can imagine (foam rolling, stretching classes, etc. . . ).

Staying physically active is not only good for your body but great for your brain and immune response. You tube is a great tool to ensure you get proper instruction and some motivation too.

I did take the plunge and equipped my garage with some work out gear so I won’t ever be stuck again. But not everyone has the space or the desire to have a home gym. You’ll be amazed at what people have posted on line and in a pinch you’re going to find something to keep you active.

Final thought.

Remember the virus that caused so much stress and anxiety impacted all of us. The key to success is your personal health status. People with underlying health conditions didn’t fair as well as people who have always managed their health well.

Reports documented that people with a healthy nerve system and strong natural defence may still have gotten sick but they recovered with little to no need for hospitalization (3).

The reports are showing that it all depends on the strength of the person who gets sick.

Help yourself by staying healthy and keep the things in your life that build health going in a responsible way.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to my personal email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Yours in health,

Dr. J

  1. Worry, the cognitive enumeration and anticipation of potential future negative events, is associated with autonomic dysregulation, which may in turn have implications for the immune system. (Brain Behav Immun. 1999 Jun;13(2):80-92.) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10373274
  2. Significant evidence suggests that exposure to traumatic and/or acute stress in both mice and humans results in compromised immune function that in turn may affect associated brain processes. (Brain Behav Immun. 2014 May; 0: 192–201.) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3989422/
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/04/health/recovery-coronavirus-tracking-data-explainer/index.html
Lower Back Pain and Beating Spinal Arthritis with New Technology
Lower back pain and arthritis are one of the most common complaints that pervade modern health care. If you add headaches and neck pain we’ve pretty much covered 65% of the daily complaints at the doctor’s office.
Recommendations from the American College of Physicians don’t help. They say, ignore your lower back pain and it will go away. If you don’t believe me then you can read this article on their “new” recommendations in the New York Times.
Not one mention of early intervention by a chiropractor.
If you are fortunate enough to have a family doctor who recommends today’s chiropractic then you don’t need to read any further. You’ve likely already been told to take action and get to a chiropractor.
Progressive doctors don’t go by the “wait and see” recommendation because they know that spinal conditions may go “silent” for a while but they don’t go away by themselves.

Why I wrote this article

But if you’re like the majority of new patients to my office, you’ll likely need to do your own research and this is why I’ve written this article.
I’m going to keep this short because the x-ray images speak for themselves. I’ll also share with you the “short list” of symptoms this patient had. I say “short list” because he had lots of aches and pains, I’ll stay focused on the lower back pain.

John’s case of lower back pain and sciatica

John (not his real name) came in after a neighbour had encouraged him to give my office a call. He was bending over because of his back pain. John was limited to walking for 150m before he had to take a break because his pain was too severe.
He was told he had spinal arthritis and was given Celebrex for the pain. As long as he took Celebrex he was able to move around but without it he would seize up completely.
We took weight bearing x-rays to determine the damage in his spine and this is what we found. These are x-rays of the lower back from the side.
The x-ray on the right is John, the x-ray on the left is a near normal. If you look closely you can see that John has several misshapen vertebrae and several discs that have degenerated.
He also has a condition where the ligaments that hold his spine are so loose that the vertebra slides forward on the vertebrae below (anterolisthesis). This causes tremendous pressure on the spinal cord and is why he was in so much pain. Here is a close up of that section of his spine.
Fortunately we have a better plan than what the New York Times was reporting (wait and see).
Today’s technology allows us to work intelligently with the spine and slowly bring it back.
In John’s case he went from walking a few meters to walking for most of the day without being forced to sit down.
Here are his before and after x-rays. This was after just a few weeks.
Corrected x-rays of an advanced arthritic lower spine with low back pain and sciatica
And here is a close up of the anterolisthesis.
Example of a degenerated, arthritic spine that correction is possible with today's corrective chiropractic care, chiropractic biophysics certified, denneroll table, kelowna chiropractor

Today’s Technology in Chiropractic

More advanced chiropractic offices are equipped with technology that can deal effectively with spinal conditions. In this case, very specific spinal corrective adjustments and a Denneroll Table. I’ve included a brief video of Dr. Deed Harrison of the Ideal Spine Centre in Eagle, ID speaking about the Denneroll Table.

This was not the “set up” that John required because each Denneroll set up is individualized for the patient’s specific needs based on their spinal condition.

This is why it’s critical to have accurate x-rays and see a chiropractor that is current and has the necessary technology to help with correcting your spine.
So if you’re suffering with lower back pain, hip pain or sciatica and this is new information to you then maybe a call to Lighthouse might get you started on your road to recovery.
Today’s chiropractic is very different than 20 years ago and many people don’t know how effective today’s chiropractic has become.
I hope this article has been encouraging if you or a loved one is suffering.
There may be help, so give us a call and we’ll see if there is something that can be done to help you with your lower back pain.
If you’re not in the Okanagan Valley, we are connected to some of the most advanced chiropractic corrective offices in North America. We might be able to refer you to an office that can help, so give us a call.
Talk soon,
Dr. J
The top 10 things successful people do in the summer to get and stay healthy in the Okanagan; Episode 3

The top 10 things successful people do in the summer to get and stay healthy in the Okanagan; Episode 3

If you’ve been watching our Top 10 List videos, or reading our blog posts, you’ll know that we’ve produced 2 previous episodes in our Top 10 list of what successful people do in the summer to stay healthy in the Okanagan.

Congrats for sticking with us and if you haven’t been privy to episode 1 and 2 then just poke around our Facebook page or our You Tube Channel or take a look HERE for episode 1 or HERE for episode 2

Today we’re going to count down from #4 to #1 so I hope you’re ready to get motivated because we’re shooting for 100+ years of age in great health.

#4 Manage your sleep better.

It’s tempting to stay up later with our longer days so if we do find ourselves out past our bed time on a consistent basis during the summer than something needs to give.

Depriving ourselves of 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep a night may seem fine but long term health studies show those who rob themselves of sleep over long stretches of time open themselves up to more disease and an early death.

Quality Sleep Lighthouse Chiropractic Dr. Graham D. Jenkins Kelowna Chiropractor

The “warrior mentality” is bad for your long term health. Don’t do it, even if you think you can get away with it.

The healthiest people in our community may have the odd late night with friends or watch some summertime fireworks, but they are quick to get back into routine and get recharged and refreshed with regular and full sleep cycles.

#3 Exchange your second cup of coffee for something different.

Hey, I love a good cup of coffee more than I should but keeping it to just one a day is the key to enjoy your “cup of joe” without it eroding your long term health.

A good substitute would be green tea if you’re looking for a warm pick me up in the afternoon and a great strategy that I’ve adopted is stoping in at a place like Glow Juicery for a fresh pressed juice for my afternoon pick me up.

Yes it comes with a price tag but it’s not every day and the energy boost you get from healthy things like green teas and fresh pressed juices will keep you coming back for more.

healthy smoothie fish oil collagen lighthouse chiropractic dr graham d jenkins kelowna chiropractor

Green tea and fresh pressed juices won’t derail your adrenal’s like the supercharged caffeinated drinks or sugar laden specialty drinks from your neighbourhood java dealer:) Get your fix in the morning and stick with a healthier, healing option in the afternoon.

#2 The healthiest people in our community actually double their efforts to get to the gym

It seems counterintuitive to head inside for a workout when the weather is incredible but you will find the healthiest people in our community are actually getting an extra workout in every week or two.

extra workout trainer lighthouse chiropractic dr graham d jenkins kelowna chiropractor

The extra glass of wine in the evening, or the specialty bread with fabulous cheese with your summer visitors will add up by the Labor Day weekend. The healthiest people in our community adjust their energy output to match.

It doesn’t need to be a lot but it does need to mirror our extra dining adventures in the summer in the Okanagan.

And finally. . . .

The #1 thing the healthiest people in our community do to get and stay healthy in the summer is that they absolutely stay on track with their health care team.

As far as their chiro appointments, they stick to their schedule based on their diagnosis and if they are away for an extended period they either stack some adjustments before they go so they are in great shape when they are on holiday, or they are quick to make them up when they are back so they get their momentum back on track.

Healthy people know that when they are the busiest, their adjustments have the most impact. It is not a time to back off, in fact it’s the complete opposite they lean in so they can do more.

They also keep on track with their RMT and their muscle work to ensure all the increased summer activity doesn’t leave them beat up in September.

chiropractic adjustment lighthouse chiropractic dr graham d jenkins kelowna chiropractor

Successful people who are healthy keep the right things going all summer long.

And yes, I don’t mind stating the obvious. The healthiest people in our community are under regular chiropractic care because today’s chiropractic looks after the most important structure in the body, the brain, brain stem and spinal cord.

So if you are expecting to live a long and healthy life and ignore your nerve system then I’m afraid you’re going to be really disappointed. On the other hand, if you are looking for strategies to build and sustain health then you really need to take a closer look at todays chiropractic and what it has to offer.

And if you’re interested in truly upgrading your health then give Lighthouse Chiropractic and Integrative Health a call.

I am confident if you are looking for an accurate diagnosis, a team that puts your needs first, and won’t waste your time then you’ll be happy here.

The people that are attracted to Lighthouse understand that you need to invest in your health long term and are looking for doctors who are willing to build relationship on mutual trust and respect.

You can connect with us through the details at the end of this video, and if you liked what you heard it would be great if you could give our video a like, share it with your friends and generally help us get the word out. The more healthy and vibrant people we have in our community the better. Let’s do our best to empty out the hospital!

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon,

Dr. J

The top 10 things people do in the summer to get and stay healthy; Episode 2

The top 10 things people do in the summer to get and stay healthy; Episode 2

What is in Episode 2?

The other day I shared with you 3 strategies that successful people use in the summer to get and stay healthy. Today’s episode will focus on our next 3 tips in our top 10 list. So without any further delay let’s keep this top 10 list going.

#7 Drink more water and add a special ingredient

It makes sense to drink more water in the summer but did you know that about every third glass or bottle of water should contain electrolytes?

When we sweat, we sweat out more than water and if your electrolytes become imbalanced then our body can stiffen up, get weaker and even confuse the cardio vascular system.

I am not a fan of sugary sports drinks that market themselves as sports nutrition, when it comes to electrolytes, you get what you pay for. I personally use a product from Hammer Nutrition for my electrolyte needs — but simply adding a pinch of sea salt to your bottle is enough to do the trick for most people.

electrolytes in your water kelowna chiropractor Graham Jenkins Lighthouse Chiropractic

Yes it does add a bit of taste to the water but remember it’s only every 3rd or 4th bottle.

One of the classic signs that you’re electrolyte balance is off, especially magnesium, is leg cramps or spasms at night. So follow this tip and it will really help you out.

#6 Fat’s are where it’s at.

Don’t forget to keep the fish oil and MCT (coconut oil) flowing during the summer.

Our culture had demonized fat’s. Grains are the real issue. 4-5 grams of a good quality fish oil and at least a tablespoon of coconut oil each day will keep your brain functioning better and protect you from a host of degenerative conditions.

If you want more on that then start watching my webinars that we have on our Lighthouse webinar page. Whither it’s heart disease, Alzheimer’s or our nutrition webinars, you will hear the real science behind healthy fats and it will radically change your opinion on how much fat, and the types of fats you should be consuming.

#5 Vitamin D is just not for January and February

The healthiest people in our community continue with 4-5 drops of Vitamin D3 each day, all year long.

Yes, you can probably get away with dropping the Vitamin D over the summer but the science is clear, this hormone like Vitamin does so many good things to our body that it’s likely better just to keep on taking it over the summer.

Our skin makes Vitamin D when we are exposed to the sun but with so many people avoiding the sun or sensitive to the sun, as Canadian’s, we’re likely not getting enough sun exposure to replenish what our longer winters and cloudy day’s take away.

vitamin D3 Lighthouse Chiropractic Kelowna Dr. Graham D. Jenkins Kelowna Chiropractor

The science is incredibly bad for people who are Vitamin D deficient, and incredibly encouraging for those of us who are taking daily Vitamin D.

**2019 Research Update

In a study on the link between Vitamin D deficiency with Multiple Sclerosis, researchers found little to no side effects in subjects taking 10,000 IU to 40,000 IU for up to 5 months.

Second installment wrap up

So that’s our second installment of the top 10 things people do in the summer to get and stay healthy.

What to do next?

And if you’re interested in really upgrading your health then give Lighthouse Chiropractic and Integrative Health in Kelowna a call.

I’m confident if you are looking for an accurate diagnosis, a team that puts your needs first, and won’t waste your time then you’ll be happy here.

The people that are attracted to Lighthouse understand that you need to invest in your health long term and are looking for doctors who are willing to build relationship on mutual trust and respect.

You can connect with us at [email protected] or call the office at (250) 870-9136. Let’s do our best to empty out the hospital!

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon,

Dr. J

The top 10 things people do in the summer to get and stay healthier; Episode 1

Top 10 things people do to get and stay healthy in the summer

In Kelowna we are blessed with the unofficial nickname, California North, when it comes to our weather.

And this year is no exception. Now that we are through spring, our summer has been incredible.

There are some drawbacks to having some of the best weather in Canada. It attracts a lot of crowds so our city is bursting during the summer and many locals tend to lose their minds once the weather shifts.

People who are otherwise really dialed in when it comes to their health can start doing some really harmful things to their health and long term success.

stay focused in the summer on your health

So at the request of several of my patients I have decided to put together a top 10 list of what the healthiest people in our community do to stay healthy even when there are distractions all around.

Each blog is going to focus on at least 3 strategies that the most successful people do throughout the summer to ensure that they don’t arrive on Labor Day weekend beat up and exhausted from a free wheeling summer in the Okanagan.

I’m hoping that by reading these blogs you can help yourself and your health care providers ensure you are living a long and healthy life, and that the distractions of the summer don’t derail you.

So here goes, in classic David Letterman format, the top 10 things that successful people do in the summer to get and stay healthy.

#10 Go with the flow

Summer schedules change as quick as the weather. If a friend calls you to head out on the lake or hit the links, then take a minute and reschedule the things that you need to. If it’s a work out, a chiropractic adjustment, basically anything that keeps your health on track, don’t drop it just reschedule it for a different time that same day.

when your summer schedule changes, reschedule don't cancel

The same day is important because if you push it off there is a good chance it will get dropped.

#9 Stay connected to other people who are prioritizing their health

Summer is a great time to join a running group, hook up with a group of cyclists at a local bike shop or get in on an open water swim training group. The accountability to a weekly ride, run or swim goes a long way towards keeping you motivated.

You’ll not only meet some great people, make some new friends, it’s a great opportunity to fit something in during your week that you may not have time to do over the winter.

Here’s some suggestions that I have been involved with and would recommend wholeheartedly.

PACE Sports Fitness runs several excellent trail events each year and the coaching is incredible and super positive.

Rides and Runs with Fresh Air in Kelowna is a great start. By far the most encouraging group of cyclists I’ve seen is xelle cycling in Kelowna but sorry guys, this one is for ladies only.

There is also a weekly free 5k Park Run that is supported by Play Kelowna, the Running Room has running groups and even our local Mountain Equipment Co-op has fitness groups.

women working out together lighthouse

Even if you miss a couple of weeks because of holidays, I can guarantee you will do more than if you didn’t sign up for the group.

#8 Keep your nutrition simple

Summer is not the time to radically change your nutrition. Keep to the basics. Eating lean, clean protein, more vegetables than you think, and try to limit the grains. If ever there was a time to enjoy more vegetables, summer is it. We have an abundance of local produce that is showing up at local markets and stores.

Kelowna Farmers Market Lighthouse Chiropractic Dr. Graham D. Jenkins Kelowna Chiropractor

Be sure to take advantage of our Kelowna Farmer’s Market during the summer.

With the increase in outdoor meals and BBQ season, be diligent in lightly grilling some local produce to keep your veggie intake up. Not only will you feel better about your meal, you’ll be building some great habits for the fall. And everyone knows fresh local produce tastes way better than what we have to put up with in February. Take advantage of it while you can.

So there it is, volume 1 of our top 10 things successful people do in the summer to get and stay healthier. Stay tuned for number 7 through 5 in our next episode.

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon,
Dr. J

Chronic Whiplash Responds To Chiropractic Biophysics Care

Credit Where Credit is Due

I want to share right off the top that most of the credit for this blog post should go to two doctors, Dr. Joe Fereantelli and Dr. Deed Harrison.
For those of you who are Lighthouse Health chiropractic patients, Dr. Joe is the brains behind the digital posture screen software we use to track your progress in the office.
Dr. Deed is the son of the late Dr. Don Harrison. I first studied Chiropractic Biophysics under Dr. Don in 1998. Both Dr. Deed and Dr. Don are (and were) brilliant researchers and I am grateful to them both.

Why Whiplash Becomes a Long Term Injury

Car accidents are a way of life in most Canadian cities. In fact, this week we had an accident in our family. We were rear ended. It didn’t seem like a big deal but we’re taking it serious.
My goal for you at the end of this blog post, is to help you understand why you should take car accidents seriously too.

What I See That Gets Missed

The most common finding that is getting missed after most car accidents is ligament instability in the neck.
With any car impact the force that is absorbed through the neck and upper back can be quite extreme.
Even if you don’t see or feel it at the time. Even if there doesn’t seem to be a lot of damage to your car!
A proper examination after an accident should include stress x-rays.
A properly trained chiropractor will measure a stress x-ray to record any area of the spine that is sliding forward or backwards too far.
Over time this will cause early onset osteoarthritis and disc disease.
If this simple but important test is missing then during rehabilitation the physiotherapist, chiropractor or massage therapist may cause more harm than good.
In the x-ray above the ligaments only allow the spine to move less than 1mm each direction (1mm to 1.7mm at C4/5 and 1.3 to 2.1 at C5/6) so this person is safe to adjust (and prescribe the appropriate strengthening exercises) but if there was more movement between vertebrae we would need to take a far different approach.
Could you imagine if this was not done after an accident and the person just went ahead with care?

When This Simple Test Gets Missed Your Neck May Never Heal Properly

In a research study on whiplash, Dr. Fereantelli published a case that was mis-managed and almost cost a police man his career.
Fortunately, a family friend encouraged this patient to seek help from Dr. Fereantelli and he recovered properly (and quickly).
I’ve seen several cases in my career where ligament instability was missed, and years later the patient was still suffering with neck pain, headaches and chronic shoulder and arm pain.
This doesn’t need to happen but it does take a chiropractor who will take the time to accurately diagnosis the problem and come up with a game plan that works.

Once An Accurate Diagnosis is Discovered

Once we know what needs to be done to help you recover from your accident, we also need to factor in what might interfere with your complete recovery.
Just because we find damage from your fender bender in your spine, it doesn’t include how your spine looked before your accident.

The Guessing Game

Pre-accident condition is a difficult target. Your insurance adjuster will press you (and your medical team) to deliver an exact date of recovery, but it’s not that simple.
If your chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist or lawyer doesn’t know the research, then you can be at risk of being taken advantage of.
If that happens you could find yourself in pain 2 years later with a closed case and a pile of medical expenses.

Know the Research

In a research study in 2002, 100 people still suffering from whiplash 3 months after their accident were compared to the normal population.
These patients were measured with an MRI; the gold standard for spinal and neurological diagnosis.
98% of the whiplash patients had lost their proper neck curve, compared to 2% in the normal population. 28% of the accident patients had visible disc injuries, compared to 2% of the normal population.
If your medical team doesn’t know what “normal” is before you had your accident, how can they communicate to your lawyer or insurance adjuster what came from the accident and what was there before?
Another important research paper is a 2001 study where researchers documented on x-ray that 44-46% of whiplash patients also suffer with neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome.
Thoracic outlet syndrome can manifest as numbness or tingling in your arm or fingers, pain or aches in your neck, shoulder or hand and weakening grip. In more advanced cases you can even see muscle wasting in the muscles of the thumb on the affected side.
If we don’t know this kind of research exists, then conditions caused from your accident are assigned to your “pre-accident condition”.
Your medical team needs to know the research.

How Do We Manage Your Case Successfully?

Start with an accurate diagnosis.
From there we need to determine the best plan of attack for your recovery.
At Lighthouse we use a collaborative approach. Your chiropractor acts as your primary contact and care giver because we are trained in proper spinal corrective protocols through a very exhaustive training process with Chiropractic BioPhysics NonProfit.
You will be responsible for some very specific home based and in office exercises, stretches and blocking exercises. All your recommendations are based on your x-rays, posture and results from several other tests we perform on day one.
The majority of our car accident cases will also include a referral to an equally talented physiotherapist or kinesiologist.
We also work with massage therapists and any other discipline that will help you recover better and faster.
Ethical lawyers love us because we provide accurate and timely reports that help them understand your condition.
The more information your legal team has, the better they can represent you and set realistic targets. Targets for both for your recovery and for your settlement with your insurance company.

Recovery Takes Time But Not a Lifetime

We understand that your recovery will take time but it shouldn’t take a life time.
Our goal is to get you back to work, life and family as soon as possible. Not be stuck in an insurance claim for the rest of your life.

Nothing More Frustrating Than People in Pain

There is nothing more frustrating for me than sitting down with a new patient and discovering they’ve been suffering for years.
Lost time at work, missed family outings and generally feeling horrible is no way to live.
Many times it’s because of a missed diagnosis or poor follow through by professionals who should know better.
No doctor is perfect, but some of the cases I see are down right unethical and it’s frustrating. And if it’s frustrating for me, imaging how depressing it is for the patient?

If You or a Loved One Is Suffering

If you’ve been in a car accident and feel like you’re not getting better then we’d love to see if we could help.
Our team at Lighthouse will do the necessary tests to see if you are a good candidate for chiropractic corrective care.
We also take the time to share with you your results so you can understand what’s involved before we move forward with any kind of care.
If you have a loved one who is suffering then please forward this blog post to them, it could transform their life.
Yours in Health,
Dr. J
The 5 Concepts that will Completely Crush Cardiovascular Disease.

Heart disease may not keep you up at night but it haunts a lot of Canadian’s because of their family history.

Not quite as scary as cancer, but it’s up there. It’s in the back of people’s minds.

Few families have escaped the rising epidemic of heart disease.

Saying “get some exercise and avoid stress” is not cutting it.

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We need real strategies.

Even more than that, we need strategies that are solid scientifically, that will get you real, lasting results.

Genetics don’t have the final say.

This really hit close to home a few years ago when my dad had a heart attack and required quad bypass surgery.

My family history is definitely slanted towards heart disease BUT I’VE NEVER BELIEVED it had to be the final chapter of the story for any of us.

With that hear attack that belief was stretched to the max. But now that we’re on the other side of this family trauma, I still believe genetics can be overcome.

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That’s why I’ve crafted the “5 concepts” that will completely crush cardiovascular disease.

But before we can get into these 5 keys, we need to deal with the elephant in the room. Genetics.

Aren’t my genetic’s out of my control? 

Many are of the opinion that genetics are unbendable and so they have resolved to just do the best they can and accept their fate.

In my dad’s family, my grandfather had his first heart attack in his early 50’s then proceeded to have 2 more, until finally he passed away in his 60’s.

Grandpa was a businessman, so no doubt he had his fair share of stress and although they ate from “scratch”, it wasn’t always healthy.

In fact, if you looked at his diet compared to what the Canada Food Guide recommends, it wouldn’t be too far off.

He went to his family doctor religiously, followed the standard recommendation; watch your stress, take your medications, stay away from salt and fat and keep on keeping on. The underlying message? Your fate is set, it’s in your genes. Try your best but it still won’t work out for you in the end.

I’m making some assumptions about my grandfather, but I would imagine he knew where his cholesterol was and didn’t eat eggs and butter; you know, all the things that kill you.

But in the end, he died far too young. The last 20 years of his life, my memory as a kid was, it didn’t take much for grandpa to get winded.

The Next Generation

Fast forward to my dad. 71 years of age, playing hockey with his buddies 2-3x per week, he’s training for the BC seniors games. Heart attack on the ice half way through the game. You can watch his story here.

Genetics in action, right?

Mom and dad eat responsibly (but they’re not obsessive about nutrition).

Lots of home cooking, a bit more eating out than the previous generation, not excessive though.

He’s been getting adjusted regularly for as long as I’ve been a chiropractor, going on 20 years now. He takes vitamins (some seasons of life more than others).

So for the last 20 years mom and dad have been doing really well. They exercise a lot and look far younger than their 70+ years.

So if genetics is not set in stone, why would my very own father get hit with a massive heart attack?

Heart Disease, Prevention, Lighthouse Chiropractic, Kelowna Chiropractor, 100 plus living, longevity, lifestyle

Consequences do catch up to us.

It’s only been the last 2 decades of his life that he’s really worked on his health. I mean for real and with a plan. And the biggest change has been the neurological support today’s chiropractic has given him.

For the first 50 years of my dad’s life, my parents thought their “fate” was in their genetics. Their nutrition was really no different than most other “home cooking” Canadians, they never got adjusted other than a few times for pain and exercised occasionally.

Dad exercised just enough to get in shape for the hockey season.

It makes perfect sense if your genetics are the final chapter. Why bother?

Other than staying out of pain, why work on your health? Especially, if the outcome isn’t going to be any different than working your “hind end” off for years and years?

50 years of Canadian lifestyle will set in motion a fairly predictable outcome.

Where has this left us?

1 out of 2 Canadians will die of heart disease and 1 out of 3 will die from cancer. In fact researchers are saying that our Canadian lifestyle is responsible for upwards of 80% of the current disease we are struggling with. See the research here.

So following the “healthy” recommendations of mainstream nutritionist’s, doctor’s and personal trainers will not get you the life you deserve.

100+Living is not about repeating recommendations you get in popular media or from Health Canada. 100+Living is about looking at our desired outcome and working backwards.

So what’s our desired outcome? Our goal is simply 100+Living.

Living to 100 years, possibly even beyond 100 in great health.

But not just physical health; 100+living is also about loving relationships, incredible attitude and a joy filled, rewarding life.

The 5 Myths we are destroying in the next few blogs are;

1. & 2.  We are completely off the mark when it comes to blaming dietary cholesterol (Myth #1) and saturated fat (Myth #2) for heart disease.

3. Third Myth of Cardiovascular Disease; it’s all about Your Cardiovascular System.

4. Myth #4 is that we’re all physical.

5. Myth #5 is that I can do it alone, the Marlboro Man lives again. . . .

And for each of these blogs I would love to get your input on what you think about these concepts. I believe they can radically transform your life if you implement them. I’d love to hear when and how you are putting them in your lifestyle.

And to learn even more, take the time to register and attend our latest 100+Living Workshop called “Natural Strategies to Build a Healthy Heart; Beat Your Genetics Before They Beat You”.

You can register here.

We’d love to have you join us. We’re always glad to meet another 100+Living enthusiast.