Have you ever heard someone say their knees ache when the weather changes? It might sound like an old wives’ tale, but there’s some truth to it! Our bodies have special sensors called baroreceptors, which respond to changes in barometric pressure—the pressure in the air around us. These sensors can sometimes cause aches and pains when the weather changes. But don’t worry, there’s something we can do to help!

What Are Baroreceptors?

Baroreceptors are tiny sensors in our bodies that detect changes in barometric pressure. When the weather changes, these sensors send signals to our brain, which can sometimes cause us to feel achy or uncomfortable. This is why some people can “predict” the weather based on how their bodies feel.

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How Can Chiropractic Help?

Today’s chiropractic care can help your body handle these changes better. By getting regular adjustments, we can help your nervous system work more smoothly. This means your body can adapt to changes in weather more easily, without causing you as much discomfort.

Dr. Amanda Beckett, a researcher in neuroscience, says, “When we adjust the spine, we help the nervous system function better. This can improve how the body responds to different environmental changes, including barometric pressure.”

The Science Behind It

Studies have shown that specific chiropractic adjustments can help “down-regulate” or calm the nervous system. Dr. Michael Smith, a specialist in neurology, explains, “By moderating the nervous system with chiropractic care, we can increase the body’s ability to adapt to its environment. This means fewer aches and pains when the weather changes.”

Feel Better with Lighthouse

If you or someone you know struggles with aches and pains when the weather changes, give Lighthouse a call. We can check the status of your nervous system and see how we can help you feel better. Chiropractic care might just be the key to not only reducing your pain but also restoring your overall health and improving your quality of life. Don’t let the weather control how you feel. Contact Lighthouse today and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you!


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