Absolutely. Changes in athletic performance and physiological measure in university baseball players was measured before, during and after chiropractic adjustments. The results showed significant improvement in fourteen weeks in muscle strength and long jump distance in the group receiving adjustments.
. . . in the group that received chiropractic care there were decreases in resting blood pressure and pulse rate as well as pulse rate following treadmill activity. By comparison, these same measures showed increases within the control group (those who did not get adjusted) (1)

I believe this is the number one result with today’s chiropractic. People who get adjusted perform better.
This research study was focused on athletic performance and that’s great but effective chiropractic care shows up dramatically in every day life too. Kids have less sickness, parents are more energetic and people are generally healthier. This is the kind of performance I’m the most excited about. Yes it’s exciting to have a harder slap shot, rip through the gates faster or sprint faster than your competition BUT what excites me is when your immune system performs at it’s best. . . I’m excited knowing your digestion is better and you’re getting deep, restful sleep. . . . that’s what really get’s me cheering.

Chiropractic is about increasing the performance of your nervous system and when that happens, everything changes!

Athletic performance is really simple. Sensible nutrition, proper rest and the right kind of exercise are the things that will cause you to outpace your competition. You give that to a coach and all they need to do is teach you the necessary skills and you will win. Maybe not today, or even this season BUT if you continually do the things that produce great health, faster recovery and superior strength then it’s only a matter of time before you’re on the top step of the podium. Without a healthy nervous system you’re asking your body to perform with the power supply turned down, or in some cases completely turned off. Without a fantastic nerve system, it doesn’t take much for the competition to catch up and pass you. That won’t work is sports, and it doesn’t work in life either.

It’s a healthy nervous system that maximizes great sport nutrition, it’s a healthy nervous system that allows you to push yourself to train harder and it’s a healthy nervous system that makes motivational thinking a reality.

That’s what today’s corrective chiropractic is all about — so you perform you best!

1. Schwartzbauer J, Kolber J, Schwartzbauer M, Hart J, Zhang J, Athletic Performance and Physiological Measures in Baseball Players Following Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Pilot Study. J Vertebral Subluxation Res, 1997; 1(4):33-39.


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