There is More than Core with a Chiropractic Approach

Over the last few weeks I’ve came across several experts talking about how critical core strength is. And I agree, core strength is an important part of maintaining upright posture and it can have an incredible impact on your long term health and ability to be active for many, many years to come.

The issue I am going to present here is that core strength is only as good as the structure and neurology behind it.

I have had more than a few patients come in and tell me about how their trainer or physio has them working like crazy on strengthening their core.

I start to ask some questions, and discover that in addition to these exercises these enthusiastic therapists also promised my patient that within a few weeks they can kiss their back pain good bye.

Because it’s all about the core. . . .

Meanwhile I have a set of x-rays that shows there is obviously more than core.

Core is important but there is an order to things.

Yes I believe that core stability is important and when I work with a patient who is also working to stabilize and strengthen their core it helps me do better work.

But exercises alone, no matter how enthusiastic the therapist or trainer is, will not correct improper structure and neurological compromise. Especially when that neurology has been dysfunctional for years.

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I believe in a multidisciplinary approach.

For your best results with your posture, core and neurology find a corrective chiropractor that has a good understanding of where exercise fit’s in.

In fact that is one of the key’s to the work we do at Lighthouse, a healthy home based exercise component along side the work we do. About 1/3 of the correction I see is from people actively engaging in the exercises I prescribe. These are very chiropractic specific neurological and posture based exercises. 

When my people are engaging at home (or in the gym) with the posture based exercises I have prescribed, the work I do with them in the office goes a lot farther, faster.

Remember — there is a priority to your health strategy.

Our 100+Living priority pyramid starts with healthy neurology, then fitness, nutrition and finally emotional health with attitude and relationship. When you approach your recovery in that order than each one builds on the next and you will get your very best results in the shortest amount of time.

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And as your doctor, that’s what we really need to be about. Getting you results.

You getting well as soon as possible so we can maintain your best health for the greatest amount of time. The sooner we get you to a point were we are maintaining great health, the longer you will live and happier you will be.

Simple, not easy — but certainly simple:)

Talk to you soon,

Dr. J