I am originally from northern British Columbia but decided to live in Kelowna after graduating with my undergraduate degree. I graduated with a Human Kinetic degree from the University of British Columbia – Okanagan.  I have always been into fitness, health, and motivation. From a young age, I have always stayed active. I was a figure skater for over 10 years. At the end of high school, I fell in love with training in the gym. I helped train friends and family whenever I could and realized that I wanted to learn more about the health and fitness industry.

During my Human Kinetics degree, I had the opportunity to train numerous people who had chronic diseases. I trained individuals who survived a stroke, individuals that had prostate cancer, and individuals with osteoporosis. This training inspired me to entertain the clinical route of my degree. I aspire to rehabilitate people through exercise. I truly believe that exercise can do no harm and can improve all conditions that the human body has to face.

Outside of the clinic, I love to travel and am always willing to go on adventures. I have been all around the globe! I have seen the blue lagoons in Iceland, visited family in Amsterdam, lived in Australia, and even ran a marathon on the great wall of China!

I am excited to work with you and create the best version of yourself!