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Shawn’s philosophy is that one should lead by example. He has always maintained a healthy  lifestyle, as is evidenced by his good health and positive outlook. Shawn combines proper  nutrition and exercise to maintain both his physical and mental well–being. 

Through both formal education and practical experience, Shawn has seen the benefits of  massage therapy in healing injuries of the muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems. He has  had much success in treating: whiplash, headache/migraine, back/neck pain, sprain/strain,  muscle spasm, arthritis, tendonitis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and stress. 

Graduating in 1997 from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy he set up a successful  practice in Summerland, BC. After being in North Vancouver for the last 19 years he has made it  back to the sunny Okanagan. 

Please call (250) 870-9136 or book online at lighthousehealth.ca for an appointment.

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  • Great employees, the day receptionist is amazing and well as Dr. Robson. Would highly recommend. I feel super comfortable there and am seeing progress every visit!

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    Jesseca Gillespie

    I first started getting adjusted by Dr. Ken over 5 years ago and always appreciated his kind caring nature. I highly recommend him, he’s amazing!

    1604534400 aliamiri 110 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Ali Amiri
  • My husband sustained a new back injury at work and needed help. Within no time he had an appointment to see Dr. Travis. I myself had received a back injury 3 years before and had flare ups from time to… read more

    1598400000 laurenhutton 106 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Lauren Hutton

    Dr J. and the team at Lighthouse are amazing! I brought my daughter in when she was an infant to help with her severe dislike of the car seat. It worked almost instantly, I only ended up having to bring… read more

    1605052800 dejaschneider 112 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Deja Schneider
  • Dr. J, Kait, and the entire Lighthouse team are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I was nervous about chiropractic treatments before coming to Lighthouse, but Dr. J made me feel comfortable and I like how he uses evidence and research… read more

    1594684800 ashleycail 103 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Ashley Cail

    Dr.J and the rest of the Lighthouse team are amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. They take the utmost care in your assessment to provide you with a program to reach an attainable lifestyle goal. I have been to many… read more

    1598054400 ateliercollectivedesign 107 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Atelier Collective Design
  • Great help

    1605052800 andyp 111 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    andy p

    Amazing knowledge on Scoliosis if anyone is experiencing problems, go see Dr.J !!

    1599091200 taylorwiebe 108 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Taylor Wiebe
  • Coming to Lighthouse has changed my life. I used to have pain everywhere, sciatica, back pain, migraines etc. And after about a month and a half of regular appointments I am almost pain free. Dr. J and the rest of… read more

    1594339200 sydneyfehr 101 60 Shawn RMT   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Sydney Fehr

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