Dr. Adams

I am a husband, father, chiropractor, educator, learner, and healer, and I am passionate about all of them. Most importantly, I want to help people, and I do my best to show up every day as ME.

I am not the guy in a long white coat telling you what to do. I am the guy in the crazy toe shoes (Vibram Fivefingers), shorts and a T-shirt (sometimes even in the winter), that is ready to listen and help you get back to whatever part of your life you are not able to live right now.

I LOVE my time with my family! My favourite thing to do is explore nature with my amazing, intelligent and beautiful wife Tina,  and my two energetic, adorable and free-spirited daughters Gabriella and Claire!

I am only interested in providing care that is both safe and effective. I provide care and give recommendations that are supported by the current scientific research as well as years of clinical practice. If it doesn’t work, I simply don’t do it!



Dr. Graham Jenkins and Dr. Ken Adams have over 25 years experience in providing quality chiropractic care to their patients.


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