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Kait Carlson
BKin MSc

I grew up in North Vancouver and moved to Kelowna to attend UBCO and pursue my degree in Human Kinetics.

Growing up I loved an active life playing sports (played pretty much all of them) and being active outside, so I figured this path seemed fitting.

Turns out it was. During university I joined the fitness industry working as a trainer and general manager at an amazing local gym.

This was a turning point for me, I knew I wanted to help people to move their bodies so they could have an active life.

Throughout my Masters Degree I discovered the power exercise has making people feel better and happier!

Today, I strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle. Fuel yourself with good food, move your body, and surround yourself with people you love. Oh, and make time for fun! I am thrilled to live in the beautiful Okanagan and can’t get enough of our winter powder at Big White, hot summers at the lake, and of course all the wine. 

Wherever you are with your health, I am excited to help you on your journey! I am always up for an adventure outside, I love a good pizza, and my friends are a part of my family.

Can’t wait to move with you!


  • The staff have so much knowledge and make you feel incredible comfortable. Very thankful to have found out my issues now and that they can be resolved! Dr. Jenkins is awesome! And their RMT Nicole has magical hands!

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    Alesha Mah

    I recommend Dr Ken and lighthouse for any one considering chiropractic care. I have been seeing Dr Ken for almost 11 months and the changes I have had, have been life changing. The team here is actually there to… read more

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    Darren Pierce
  • Everyone in this office is fantastic!

    1613606400 156 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Kyle Merriman

    I have nothing but incredibly great things to say about Lighthouse. I have been going for weekly adjustments with Dr. Travis Robson for a few months now and I am feeling amazing. He is an incredible chiropractor who got to… read more

    1612642972 147 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Ashley Klein
  • Great practice! Very professional and personable staff, highly recommend!

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    Ryan Idzes

    First time experience with Dr.Travis Robson was a relieving success. I immediately felt relief and strength return to my injured shoulder. Highly recommended.

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    Braden Scheelar
  • Caring and courteous staff. Dr. J has helped me go from weekly migraines to the odd occasional one with my adjustments as well as help correct my posture over time.

    1613001600 149 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Izabel Santos

    I have been going to Dr Travis for a few months. I have had chronic headaches and problems with my neck for a few years now and decided to give chiro a chance to see if I could get some… read more

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    Corey Klein
  • I spent two years fearful of manual adjustments and originally went to an office that used a machine to adjust you. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting the results I needed and anxiously made an appointment at Lighthouse after a… read more

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    Megan Elmhurst

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