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Kait Carlson
BKin MSc

I grew up in North Vancouver and moved to Kelowna to attend UBCO and pursue my degree in Human Kinetics.

Growing up I loved an active life playing sports (played pretty much all of them) and being active outside, so I figured this path seemed fitting.

Turns out it was. During university I joined the fitness industry working as a trainer and general manager at an amazing local gym.

This was a turning point for me, I knew I wanted to help people to move their bodies so they could have an active life.

Throughout my Masters Degree I discovered the power exercise has making people feel better and happier!

Today, I strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle. Fuel yourself with good food, move your body, and surround yourself with people you love. Oh, and make time for fun! I am thrilled to live in the beautiful Okanagan and can’t get enough of our winter powder at Big White, hot summers at the lake, and of course all the wine. 

Wherever you are with your health, I am excited to help you on your journey! I am always up for an adventure outside, I love a good pizza, and my friends are a part of my family.

Can’t wait to move with you!


  • Dr J. and the team at Lighthouse are amazing! I brought my daughter in when she was an infant to help with her severe dislike of the car seat. It worked almost instantly, I only ended up having to bring… read more

    1605052800 dejaschneider 112 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Deja Schneider

    My husband sustained a new back injury at work and needed help. Within no time he had an appointment to see Dr. Travis. I myself had received a back injury 3 years before and had flare ups from time to… read more

    1598400000 laurenhutton 106 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Lauren Hutton
  • Dr. J had me mobile and pain free in a couple sessions. Highly highly recommend if you are suffering from lower back pain.

    1609977600 gregfleming 116 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Greg Fleming

    I first started getting adjusted by Dr. Ken over 5 years ago and always appreciated his kind caring nature. I highly recommend him, he’s amazing!

    1604534400 aliamiri 110 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Ali Amiri
  • Great help

    1605052800 andyp 111 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    andy p

    Dr.J and the rest of the Lighthouse team are amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. They take the utmost care in your assessment to provide you with a program to reach an attainable lifestyle goal. I have been to many… read more

    1598054400 ateliercollectivedesign 107 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Atelier Collective Design
  • Dr. J and the staff at this clinic are awesome. Super attentive, and I my back and jaw feel amazing compared to a couple months ago. Do yourself a favor a make an appointment…maybe you have one short leg that… read more

    1609804800 pattyrobinson 117 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Patty robinson

    Amazing knowledge on Scoliosis if anyone is experiencing problems, go see Dr.J !!

    1599091200 taylorwiebe 108 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Taylor Wiebe
  • This is my first experience with a Chiropractor and I am extremely happy I made the choice to see one as well as it being Lighthouse. Dr J is very easy to talk to and goes over all of the… read more

    1607385600 corygarras 114 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    Cory Garras

    I’ve been to many places and this is by far the best, super smart, super honest and super service!

    1606435200 johnanderson 113 60 Kait Carlson BKin MSc   Chiropractor Kelowna
    John Anderson

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